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Founding of Offshore Companies and Branches

The last few years, the wrong perception that offshore companies are a type of company formed to evade taxation, has prevailed. Reality though is very different. Offshore companies and offshore branches can be completely legal ways to re-organise and expand any business plan, as long as specific rules and requirements are observed during their founding and operation.

The services we provide in matters of offshore companies are:

  • Founding of offshore companies in countries abroad, through our network of associates
  • Founding of branches of offshore companies in Greece and founding of offshore branches of Greek companies through our network of associates
  • Establishing of trusts and foundations for better use of your assets
  • Tax planning within the appropriate legal framework for each economic entity before tax collecting procedures, as part of the overall business strategy
  • Our associates provide comprehensive auditing and legal services to Businesses, Foundations and Partnerships of every legal status

The main principle in matters of offshore companies: practical, not intricate company configurations

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