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Accounting Services

The right accountancy is the base for the smooth and unhindered development of a company. The high standard accountancy services we offer, ensure proper management of your accounting data, forming the base for any financial report that might be required.

The accounting services we provide are:

  • Organisation and Supervision of the Accounting Department either with the physical presence of specialised staff or remotely via i-cloud
  • Computerisation of the accounting department combined with the commercial management network and monitoring of the stock levels
  • Keeping and updating of accounting books (single-entry/double-entry) according to the Greek Accounting Standards
  • Formation and founding of Greek Businesses, Subsidiaries and Branches of any legal form (with or without legal status where this is possible)
  • Preparation and analysis of Financial Reports (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Annex, Statement of Changes in Equity and Cash Flow Statements)
  • Short-Term Results on a monthly basis with statistics and performance indicators adjusted to the individual needs of every business
  • Cost price calculation for commercial and industrial businesses by applying the appropriate methodology per case and always with maximum usability and delivery of data in mind

The main principle in our accounting services: all accounting actions as well as the books of the business are inspected and cross-checked thoroughly.

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