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Labour and Payroll

Labour and Payroll is a sector that requires delicate and precise handling. We will ensure that all regulations of labour law are adhered to every month and we will propose specific solutions to the problems concerning the human resources of the business.

The services we provide in matters of labour and payroll are:

  • Calculation of monthly payroll of personnel (administration and labour) according to the relevant Greek Laws on Employment and Health Cover, and issuance of the corresponding detailed payslip per employee
  • Calculation of and budget for the cost of payroll and employees’ compensation in conjunction with flexible programmes and work formats
  • Drafting and lodging electronically forms for hiring, resignations, redundancy, agreements, rosters and personnel tables on the ERGANI electronic platform for full and part-time employees
  • Pension and lodging electronically the IKA Analytical Periodic Report including the contributions to social security funds for main and complementary pension and health insurance cover
  • Lodging electronically the required documents for subsidised work programmes via OAED (Hellenic Manpower Employment Organisation)

The main principle in matters of labour and payroll: consistency and discretion

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