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Taxation & Auditing Services

The ever changing and confusing tax legislation creates insecurity to businesses. We commit to protect you in time from any imminent taxation changes, to make sure all requirements by taxation authorities are met, and to plan with clarity the actions that need to be taken to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your business.

The tax and auditing services we provide are:

  • Tax planning as part of the total business strategy
  • Income tax for Individuals & Legal Entities (local and offshore)
  • Real estate taxes of Individuals & Legal Entities (local and offshore)
  • VAT refund services and issuance of a Special Duplicate VAT Exemption Note
  • Support and representation before taxation authorities during audits (temporary and ordinary)
  • Internal tax inspections and diagnostic Due Diligence service with a report on the taxation, accounting and management aspects of the company
  • Settling of taxation and outstanding issues relating to assets and to source of wealth declarations
  • Asset Registry Declarations for international income according to the FATCA and CRS requirements

The main principle in our taxation and audit services: inspection and being up-to-date are the necessary elements for the survival of every business.

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